Who is HollyHood?

Writing her first song in sixth grade detention, over 20 years later, HollyHood, aka Dr. Hood, has become one of Pittsburgh's most well-known and respected female MCs. In addition to writing and recording, Holly also produces a number of Pittsburgh's underground hip hop events such as the Proud To Be Local series and PMS (Promoting My Sisters), the largest all-female showcase in the city designed to highlight the talents of women artists and also collect items that are donated to organizations such as the Center for Victims. As co-founder and executive producer of the Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards (PUMAs), Holly enjoys providing opportunities for artists to receive recognition for their hard work and dedication to their craft. Dedicated to helping those in need, she tries to find ways to give back to the community through stop the violence events as well as toy drives. In 2015, as a member of the group Pittsburgh Artists for Social Change (PASC), Holly helped produce two unity concerts which benefited the Afro-American Music Institute and Hosanna House, both located in Pittsburgh. In 2014, Dr. Hood founded LOCAL 412 (Love Our City A Lot), which produces and sponsors a number of hip hop events in the city. Her goal with this organization is to create opportunities for education, art, and engagement in order to promote the fact that hip hop is an art! In 2011, HollyHood released her first project, Pink Elephant, and is currently working on an EP that she hopes to release by early 2016. Additionally, she has released two singles, "Ice Cream & Moscato" and "#amberalert," which although they are not part of any formal project, both songs and their accompanied videos have been very well received. In 2014, Holly also served as writer and editor of OY Spotlite Magazine, a print and online publication focusing on a number of topics such as music, health, sports, entertainment, and fashion.

What makes Dr. Hood so unique is her eclectic interests which have helped her to expand her network and become involved in multiple arts and music scenes that are typically not associated with hip hop. In 2013, Dr. Hood was honored as one of the New Pittsburgh Courier's Fab 40 award recipients. Then in 2014 she became a resident artist at Most Wanted Fine Art gallery. Most recently, she completed the Flight School Fellowship, a professional development program for artists which is sponsored by Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Additionally, besides having her hands in many aspects of Pittsburgh's hip hop community, HollyHood has completed five college degrees, including two master's degree, and two doctorates. The emphasis of her degrees include computer information systems, business administration, communications, usability studies, and higher education administration. Furthermore, Dr. Hood has been teaching at the college level since 2002.

Holly brings to the table her ability to communicate and build and maintain relationships with a diverse audience in a variety of contexts. Also, her divergent musical interests combined with her ear for excellence allow her to offer insight based on a much wider perspective. Holly's assertiveness, go-getter attitude, and love of learning mean that she is dedicated to always doing her best and working hard to ensure the success and development of those that she works with.

Holly looks forward to continuing to bridge gaps, using her knowledge and talents to help artists expand their networks, develop their talents, and take their careers to the next level. Having been coined the "mom" of Pittsburgh hip hop, her ability to bridge these gaps is extremely fitting for such a viable female force in the city of bridges.